Genesis Custom Loop Not Paginating Correctly On front-page.php

I recently had to debug why genesis_custom_loop wasn’t working on a homepage. The pagination at the bottom had “Next Page” but it only ever linked to page 2 even if the current “page” was 5. In the general settings, the homepage was set to a static page, not “The Latest Posts” page.

genesis_custom_loop uses genesis_posts_nav for the pagination and there’s no known way to update what the $page or $paged variable is to reference. Basically, static pages were never meant for pagination, so it won’t return the proper value unless you’re on a blog or archive page.

In order to fix this issue, writing a custom loop is necessary:


Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Or if you know of a magic way to make  genesis_custom_loop work on front-page.php I would be extremely happy to hear it.

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