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How To Add A Fifth Column To Beaver Builder’s Footer Widget Area

Since widgets have been native to the Appearance > Widgets area, I wanted to keep that familiar set up instead of using Beaver Builder’s really cool global rows/sections ability which you could certainly use to achieve the same or similar result. This article assumes you’re using the Beaver Builder Theme + Child Theme setup.  I strive to customize things in a way that makes since, works the way you would expect, and is simply logical. The code below will work in such […]

How to open links in a new tab only for custom post types

Recently, I’ve been building a custom project where users will be able to download a library of resources. It wouldn’t be an ideal management experience to check/tick the open in new tab/window option when adding links to all the resources. There will be hundreds! But at the same time, I don’t want to change the default link behavior, because these resources will be (so far) the only thing that I will want opened in a new window. There’s of course […]

How to Change Beaver Builder Social Icon Style

Beaver Builder has been a great tool that most of my clients are really enjoying using. It makes their experience with their website much less dreadful. There’s so much flexibility for the developer and also for the designer.   I wrote only a couple lines because I didn’t want my social icons to have a background, I felt like the weight of the icons were too heavy and distracting for the area. View the code on Gist. The result is […]

How To Create Rounded Table Rows Using Pseudo CSS

border-radius applies to all elements; but User Agents are not required to apply to table and inline-table elements when border-collapse is collapse. The behavior on internal table elements is undefined. We can, however, create a pseudo block element on table and td (but not tr, because it just doesn’t work) and use that to assign a border-radius. My end goal was to have what appeared to be “rows” of grouped information to make the data easier and quicker to digest. […]

How To Do Modular Custom Page Titles In Beaver Builder

I’m an advocate of modular code and not having to do things twice (or a dozen times). I also actively think about future general changes to a site and a way to do those in as few steps as possible. Beaver Builder is fantastic for speeding up the productivity of site builds and it’s incredibly user friendly compared to other page builders. It’s also developer friendly too! Meaning you can easily create custom modules of your own. You could of course use the […]

WordPress: How to Filter Tag Cloud

If you remove this limit, I’d think about marking the page with “noindex” if you’re worried about SEO. Additionally, you can change the tag cloud limit to a number less than 45 too. $args[number] = 10; // New limit for number of tags The tag cloud widget isn’t used much now as it was about 5 years ago. There are warnings that it could cause a negative impact on SEO due to “keyword” stuffing.   Display Unlimited Tags Why would […]

Mac Desktop Items Disappeared

In the midst of the kids changing computers, and changing users because they still want to be who they were originally playing, they get a little impatient. During the last switch, I had the trackpad and one of the kids had the mouse, while I was navigating and clicking so was he. Then, suddenly, the Desktop was nice a clean and ALL the files and folders were gone. I was suddenly worried, especially because my computer is my work place. […]